ArtHotelNorway’s vision is to establish the brand arthotelnorway.com nationally and internationally through:

•   Bridging the gap between art, business and society

•   Innovative strategies which create powerful artistic and architectural experiences

•   Experiences, surprises, diversity and meeting points.

•   Generating a financial situation which in time will make the project independent of government subsidy.

The idea is to establish temporary art hotels expected to last for 5-20 years. The visual expression will be created by artists in cooperation with architects and entrepreneurs. We want the hotels to function as regular hotels – but also as resources in the local community. Designated areas in the hotels constitute local arenas for culture, by displaying various artistic expressions and creating spaces in the hotels meant to be used by both local residents and tourists. The exterior of the hotels will consist of a rig made up of several modules. The expression of these modules will be shaped according to their surroundings, aesthetics, climate, function, and identity – the overall context.
With regards to location and exterior this project is very flexible – but the art hotels should still be recognisable because of their outstanding, experimental and creative use of Norwegian wood. The interiors are freely shaped by each individual artist.
Art, business and usefulness are merged in the establishing of arthotelnorway. The communicative character of art can be suppressed in traditional dissemination methods. Arthotelnorway wants to challenge this by allowing contemporary art to shape the whole of the physical surroundings in a live-in exhibition meant to last for up to 20 years.

The physical buildings will consist of a module based rig. We will mostly use second hand workmen’s huts, approx 2,5x7x3 meters, with built-in bathrooms. The volume is flexible with regards to reconstruction and opening-ups. While ordinary workmen’s huts serve a physical purpose, our huts will reflect immaterial values.

We have already been in contact with several artists who are all very positive towards this project. Complete freedom of expression for the individual artist when decorating the different rooms is essential in this project. For structural and technical solutions a close cooperation between the artists, the architects and the entrepreneurs will be necessary. The different hotel rooms will be completely unique, and thereby open up for new and unique experiences of both art and living/dwelling.

In addition to functioning as attractive accommodations – we want the arthotels to be a local cultural resource. One way of succeeding in that respect will be to establish a lounge in each hotel that will function as an event room. This room ought to be a living place for cultural expressions generating a surplus value for both guests at the hotel as well as for the local population. Arthotelnorway can then become a meeting place to experience art and culture on a different arena than the traditional ones.


We want to implement the project with a comprehensive environment-friendly profile, based on reuse and environmentally friendly thinking. This, taking environmentally friendly and ecological considerations in terms of the structural, materials, technical installations, location, operation and alternative energy resources both for light and heating, and offers of bicycles as transportation to the hotels users.

The Hotel’s exciting form response equivalent to that as a whole will emerge as a sculptural structure rather than a building volume and will help clarify Arthotelnorway as a distinctive art and brand, no matter where one had to be in the world.


In the first instance we aim to do Arthotelnorway nationwide, with Trondheim and Brattøra as a pilot project in 2014-2016, with three rooms and an event site – before we can go to full scale hotels.
We have a vision that is Arthotelnorway’s essential meeting place for art and industry, and offers essential experiences that we believe do not exist today. Both the gallery space and temporary space by art project, we believe our measures have limitations freeing themselves from.